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Posts Tagged ‘ federal debt ’

The Bleak Future of Medicare

November 27, 2011

Now that the “supercommittee” of Congress has failed to reach a compromise to restore some fiscal sanity to our national debt, let us consider for a moment what a monumental failure of leadership this waste of time turned out to be. For starters, their task was to reduce the federal deficit...
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Don’t Blame the Politicians for the Budget Crisis – We Voted for Them

July 30, 2011
Don’t Blame the Politicians for the Budget Crisis – We Voted for Them

As the August 2nd deadline approaches, many Americans are mad at Congress and/or the President for this game of budget brinksmanship. A few commentators have talked about healthcare costs being an important factor in the debt, but I don’t think they emphasize it enough. Let’s spend a few moments getting our...
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The Ryan Plan

May 22, 2011

It’s been interesting watching the political maneuvering since Newt Gingrich criticized the plan to reduce the federal budget deficit proposed by the House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. After receiving push back from fellow Republicans, Gingrich spent the week backpedaling from his earlier remarks. Many pundits have recognized Ryan...
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The Limited Potential of Personalized Medicine

March 20, 2011

Have a simple blood test so your healthcare can be personalized. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This is the hope of the supporters of genomics, the emerging science analyzing the DNA structure of humans. Over 80 mutations have been discovered that are associated with obesity and diabetes. Each mutation accounts for no more...
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