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Time for a Few Thanks

December 18, 2011

I want to pause for a moment and thank a few people who richly deserve it.

First is Chris Gregory, my pit bull buddy advocate for family medicine. His website DocOnomics (www.doconomics.com) isĀ  a mixture of common sense primary care advocacy and concern about the overall financial health of our country. His passion is also centered on making the difficult decisions now so all of our children might have a decent future not burdened by a mountain of their elders’ debt.

Also I want to thank all my family physician colleagues at the John Peter Smith Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, both my fellow teaching staff and our fabulous residents. It is so nice waking up every working day knowing I’m about to work with over one hundred family physicians who are highly competent and highly compassionate. I’m very blessed to be inspired every day by their attitudes, knowledge, work ethic, and heart.

Merry Christmas everyone. I’ll bother you again after the holidays.

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