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American HealthScare is Now Available!!

February 9, 2012

The book I’ve promised people for so long is now here. It’s available on Amazon.com and the Barnes and Noble websites.

If you’re worried about our children’s future — that they will be crushed by the debt of their parents and grandparents if we don’t take a hard look at our current situation, realize how much healthcare has contributed to this debt, and be willing to consider major changes in our current system …

If you wonder why the wages of Americans haven’t budged in 10 years, and are willing to learn about the healthcare industry’s role in this stagnation …

If you don’t want to be poked, prodded, scanned, or stuck by a healthcare “provider” without a really good reason …

If you think health comes from more places than CAT scanners, ologists’ offices, and chemotherapy centers …

If you want to stop the hemorrhage of your livelihood into the great healthcare industry black hole …

Then American Health$care is for you. Order it today by clicking on the book cover image in the sidebar or visit one of the book-selling websites.

And if after reading American Health$care you feel you’ve learned things about the healthcare industry you never knew before, please tell a friend.

Before I go, I just want to thank the dozens of people who gave me great feedback and made this work much better than it started. And I especially want to thank my wife for supporting me as I sunk a lot of time and money into this project. I couldn’t have done it without her support. Thanks honey!

2 Responses to American HealthScare is Now Available!!

  1. Sacha on March 25, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    No it won’t. If you weren’t aware the Republicans were not in a position to block any leiislatgon due to the super majorities of the Democrats in both the House and Senate.Those in the health profession industry, including the insurance providers and big pharma have been giving more to the Democrats than the Republicans. This includes the last election cycle and the current one. Facism anyone? (no not seriously I just want to get a rise out of a libtard, your not all libtards just those of you that had an emotional response to the statement)

    • Richard Young MD on March 25, 2012 at 10:17 pm


      I’m not sure which statement you’re responding “No it won’t” too. To criticize campaign contributions is more of a waste of time that diverts one’s thoughts and energies to the deeper problems affecting our children’s future.

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American Health$care is HERE!!! Order today at amazon.com