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American Health Scare

September 6, 2010

    I’ve heard every journey starts with the first step. And so I enter the bloggers’ world.

     The purpose of this website is to do what I can to lower the exorbitant cost of healthcare in the U.S. I won’t repeat all of my Home page here (www.healthscareonline.com), but in a nutshell, I believe the high cost of healthcare makes us less healthy as a nation.

     I believe compassionate healthcare can be delivered at a much lower cost. However, that will require an entirely different way of viewing the role of healthcare in our society.

     I believe the vast majority of healthcare debates end up devolving into nothing more than some proposal to expand or contract insurance coverage, or have some government agency provide coverage or not. This approach has done nothing to slow down the relentless pace of healthcare inflation over the last four decades. New points of view are necessary if we are to not only bend the cost curve, but break it off and attach it at an entirely new level.

     I believe the ultimate solution to significantly lower the cost of American healthcare is to provide choices that currently don’t exist. The special interest groups have scared the American public into buying healthcare individuals, families, employers, and governments can’t afford.

    Therefore, affordable healthcare will only be achieved when we have health scare reform.

     I’m new to the technical aspects of web design and presentation. I will keep improving this site to foster a place where people who want a much more affordable healthcare system can share ideas on how to achieve this.

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