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Archive for February, 2016

PCMH and Prevention Spin Using Simplistic Quality Measures

February 29, 2016

Two recent reports extoll the virtues of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and direct primary/concierge care. One is the annual report of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative. The other is a study of a network called MD-Value in Prevention (MDVIP). Before I continue, let me be clear that there are positives...
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What Should We Fear? – The Healthcare System

February 14, 2016
What Should We Fear? – The Healthcare System

In the most recent Democratic debate, Hilary Clinton said, “Americans haven’t had a raise in 15 years.” I’ll talk more about that in a second. Other candidates of both parties are getting votes and dominating polls by playing on our current national fears. For some, it is security fears; for others it’s...
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